Active Older Adult (AOA) Community Cafés bring together those who are 55+ to build health in spirit, mind, and body so that we thrive with greater purpose, connection, and well-being. 

Each café is an hour-long Zoom call starting with a large group time of welcome. The next 15 minutes is spent with an expert talking about the designated subject for the day, followed by a 20-minute reflective dialogue in small groups about the subject. Everyone is invited to listen and contribute as they feel comfortable. The large group gathers back the last 5 minutes for a note of encouragement.


All Community Cafés are hosted on Zoom. If you are new to Zoom and would like some assistance getting started, please note that on your registration form.



Oct. 12: One Year Anniversary

The Community Café on Zoom has become THE place on Tuesday afternoons for Active Older Adults to learn, share, and grow over the past year, exploring topics of particular interest to seniors. Help us celebrate this year of creating connections and growing more resilient. 

October 12:  1:00-2:00pm

Oct. 19: Tapping into Our Strengths

Hear from Lew Napolitano, a vocational coach and one of the Café participants.  He will explain how the Dependable Strength approach helps us discover our individual excellence in the form of our unique pattern of strengths. As we live into this season of legacy, let us do it from our strengths!

October 19:  1:00-2:00pm

Oct. 26: Finding Purpose in Struggle

We all have struggles and pain points in our lives. Let us explore and discuss how these experiences can define and fuel passion. As we learn from and act upon that pain, it can provide healing. Hear about how hard experiences can become gifts to self and others, often for the good of others.

October 26:  1:00-2:00pm

Nov. 2: Tapping into Our Gifts

Now living into your Third Third of life, you have acquired many skills, talents, and experiences. You also have been graced with unique gifts and interests all your life. Let us take a fresh look at ourselves to see how we are or could tap into our gifts for the service of others.

November 2:  1:00-2:00pm

Nov. 9: Effects of Gratitude

Explore what science and spirituality have to say about the power of gratitude. We all know and value gratefulness yet fall prey to ruminating thoughts or complacency. Reignite your commitment to practicing gratitude this season. 

November 9:  1:00-2:00pm

Nov. 16: The “How” in Gratitude

Discover fun new ways to practice gratitude. Learn about how various cultures express gratitude. Learn what your fellow Café patrons do to acknowledge this season of thanksgiving.

November 16:  1:00-2:00pm