Whatcom Family YMCA members can reserve workout time in the Wellness Center 24 hours in advance online!

Our LifeFitness line, usually located in the third floor Wellness Center near the stretching mats, is now on the 4th floor to provide for social distancing. Please keep in mind that reservations are separate for the LifeFitness line (max 5) and the 3rd Floor (10 in Wellness Center and 5 in Gymnasium, max 15).

If you are unable to attend, we ask you to cancel your reservation as soon as possible to allow others to fill your spot. If you experience challenges registering or reserving a class, please contact Elana English, Marketing Director, eenglish@whatcomymca.org.

Sections Closed for cleaning:

   Monday - Friday  Saturdays
 Cardio & Core in Wellness Ctr:  10-10:30am and 2-2:30pm  11-11:30am
 Free Weight Area  10:30-11am and 2:30-3pm  11:30am-12pm
 Matrix in Gymnasium   11-11:30am and 3-3:30pm  10:30-11am

To reserve a spot in class you must:

  1. Be a Whatcom Family YMCA Member (we are not accepting any other YMCA memberships at this time)
  2. Register in the SuperSaas software (FREE).
  3. Click on the time you would like to register in the schedule below and when prompted in the white pop-up box "sign-in". Choose "Keep me logged in" when registering so you are able to stay logged into your device you plan to make your reservations.
  4. Please use your First and Last name
  5. Once registered, find the class you would like to attend and "create a new reservation"
  6. Reservations may only be made 24 hours in advance (just like checking into the flight, exactly 24 hours prior)