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Y's Kids Staff Resource Center

The curriculum is designed to provide children a balanced experience centered on health, learning, community and fun. Some content will be mandatory while other aspects provide choices for staff and children. Emphasis will be placed on children not only engaging in activities, but engaging in discussion about their learning experiences.

The curriculum will be designed around themes that change every two weeks. Although theme related activities will take place daily, not all activities will be theme related. Many mandatory activities are intended to provide balance in overall content and philosophy to the weekly schedule.

How to Plan

The SACC Office will give you a list of activities that you can choose from to plug into your planner OR you may plan your own activities (depending on cost). The goal is to give more ownership in what goes on at the sites. Use the grid to map out your weeks according to the themes.

Daily Required Activities:

Healthy Mind Time (HMT): this time is 20-30 min Monday thru Thursday and is a quiet time that allows children to complete their homework;

Community: these activities are designed to encourage children to get to know their peers and build community at Y Enrichment.

Stations & Clubs: stations and clubs will be a daily part of the Y Care experience. These areas should be dynamic in nature, changing often enough to keep children engaged and interested.

STEM/Daily Activity: these activities will provide opportunities for children to explore Art, Culture, Cooking, Math, Science, Health, and Literacy through fun projects.

Group Game/Physical Activity: these activities should be designed to get the child’s heart rate going for at least 20-30 minutes; this should be different than just free playground play.