Camp Registration Begins March 1, 2017


Our campers will gain new knowledge, skills and abilities that help them realize their passions, talents and potential. Progressive skill clinics will build confidence and assist campers discover who they are.


Camp is all about developing good relationships. Campers will make new friends and form positive relationships with adult role models.


Our camps create a sense of community where kids feel safe, welcome and can express their individuality.

Memories that last a lifetime

Testimonials from parents of last year's campers

"Positive values, strong influence of confidence building and honesty. Overall the best program in Bellingham."

"The exposure to all the interesting and fun activities was fabulous. My child got to see things he doesn't normally see and engage in healthy activities we rarely do with him. During the summer it is great to have him out of the house with other kids as he is not very social and would choose screen time over human interaction 100% of the time."

"This was my son's first experience with a summer camp and he LOVED it. He had wonderful things to say about his counselors and I really appreciate how they showed care and concern for him. He was always excited to start his day and really looked up to the counselors."