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I thought I would share a recent member story with you all. After a Yoga Stretch class, one of our new members came up to talk while I put equipment away. She told me that she had been to her doctor recently and at the end of her appointment her physician told her that he was taking her off of her blood pressure medication. He said her blood pressure was now the lowest he had seen it and he was amazed as she had been taking medication for a number of years. He asked her what drastic changes she had made and she told him that she had joined the YMCA and started taking Yoga Stretch classes two times a week. She went on to tell me that in addition to her reduced blood pressure she was making new friends and getting out of the house more. She gave me a huge hug and said she was so grateful that she was able to join the Y thanks to her health insurance and our participation in the Healthways SilverSneaker program.

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