Group Fitness

Not all classes available at all facilities.

Group fitness classes are available at the Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden and Sudden Valley Program Centers.

Check the fitness schedules for each Program Center for classes included in your membership fees. Day Pass required for Non-Members.

Specialty Fitness Classes

Bellingham Program Center

Yoga for Movement Disorders (Parkinson's, MS and Stroke)

This practice will include a number of mindful movement exercises and traditional yoga with many options, meditation and rest. We will move with our breath and our bodies, build strength, practice balance and engage in intentional relaxation . . . and laugh! Participants should bring yoga mats. Props and chairs will be provided.  Free for YMCA Members, Day Pass for Non-Members

Qigong & Tai Chi Walking

Regular practice of this 12 movement Qigong set leads to happier, healthier joints by lubricating and loosening them with relaxing, flowing movements and imagery.

We will also practice mindful Tai Chil Walking which has been proven in studies to be very effective for improving balance preventing falls.  Free for YMCA Members, Day Pass for Non-Members

Tai Chi Deepening Practice

This class is for people who would like to get together to practice & refine Dr. Lam's (Sun Style) Tai Chi for Arthritis form. The first half of the class will be Qigong. Tai Chi experience required.  Free for YMCA Members, Day Pass for Non-Members

Sudden Valley Program Center

Yoga for Golfers

Are you stiff from the long wet winter away from your favorite sport? Loosen up before you tee up this spring! Learn to breath, move freely and feel strong through your entire golf swing and your entire game. Bring your favorite iron to stretch and balance during the yoga workshop. And then take that strong, flexible, balanced body and mind out to the golf course with you for a great summer! Register Now . . .