Bellingham Program Center

Child Watch is a service for children of YMCA Members ages 3 months - 9 years. Parents must remain in the facility while children are participating in Child Watch.

Child Watch Fees:

1 Child $25/month

2 Children $30/month

3+ Children $35/month

Daily rate available.

Children may remain in Child Watch for a maximum of 2 hours. Space is limited.

Child Watch Information:

You must have either a current Child Watch card on file or a current receipt in order for us to provide care.

Child Watch is available for a maximum 2-hour stay per day.

There is a maximum of 10 children at all times. For safety reasons, the staff may use their discretion about the number of infants they can have at one time.

Parents are responsible for providing diapers (if needed) and any snacks for your children while in the center.

Please inform the staff about your child’s day. We always appreciate the communication from you.

Children in Child Watch sometimes utilize other rooms here at the YMCA, such as the multipurpose room on the mezzanine level. Our staff will always leave a sign indicating where they are on the premises. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let the staff know.

If your child is having a difficult time or is not feeling well while in our care, we will page you to come to Child Watch.

Due to unexpected staff illnesses, if a substitute is unable to be secured, Child Watch may close for the day.