Bellingham YMCA Pool Retrofit Project

December 28, 2016


RE:  Campaign for new YMCA Ultraviolet Swimming Pool Treatment System


Dear Whatcom Family YMCA Supporter,

Who wouldn’t prefer the option of swimming in a pool that is disinfected with greatly reduced chemical usage and the smell of chlorine?  That was the question posed to me almost a year ago from the community member, Molly Monahan.  Molly came to me with a proposition; can the Y please look at the latest technologies in pool sanitation so that she could again swim for exercise without the side effects from chlorine?

I decided to take on her challenge.  The Y studied multiple new treatment systems where we could retrofit our pool in downtown Bellingham.  After much review, we have determined the best system for the Y would be UV.  The greatest benefit of UV treatment is that Ultraviolet light has a photo-oxidation effect that destroys chloramines and other toxic by-products of chlorine. This is done without adding any further chemicals to the water. Much less chlorine needs to be used to provide bacterial control, so water quality and atmospheric conditions are considerably improved.  Many YMCA’s in the country are embracing UV as their preferred sanitation method.  The main benefits for the Y and its members include:

• Improved water & air quality—ideal for an indoor pool

• Reduced chemical usage

• Reduce the smell of chorine by helping to eliminate choramines

• Prevention of red-eyes, dry skin and damaged hair

• Renders 99.99% of bacteria harmless

The Y would like to install a new Ultraviolet Treatment and improved air handling and ventilation system at its downtown pool.   The estimate to make those improvements is almost $34,000.  Molly is working to raise the funds needed to improve the swimming experience for all.   Donations to the Y are tax deductible.  If you choose to participate in this project you can write a check with “pool project” written in the memo line, call Krissy Norton at 255-0599 to make a donation over the phone or donate online.

Please feel free to call me to ask any questions about this important project.

Thank you for your consideration,


Bill Ziels

CEO/Executive Director